Traveling on a Budget? Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a stunning spot. In one minute you can be in country towns where the general population live and fish, reaping rice and following old customs. The next minute, you’ll be encompassed by tall high rises on a busy road where merchants offer newly-made snacks and dinners. Surrounded by the aroma of delicious food and the sounds of the marketplace things never appear to stop.


This is a photo I sent home to my friend in Bend, Oregon. Looks a tiny bit like the Deschutes!

Vietnam is bound to astonish you with its enthusiastic urban communities and dedicated wide open spaces. Rich societies you have never experienced are here in full force, even as present day advancements and innovations keep on growing inside the bustling urban communities. In fact, Vietnam resembles numerous nations in its battle to bring both innovation and convention together. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that the two are still moderately separated, this allows you to appreciate extravagance housing while you visit the whole banquet of Vietnam’s culture. From magnificent urban communities to rich, open wild, Vietnam has something to offer everybody.

In the event that you would like to begin your journey by absorbing the energy of a city, visit Ho Chi Minh City first. It is still prominently known as Saigon to local people, and it is the biggest city in Vietnam. For more than 300 years this city has existed, gradually yet clearly expanding upon itself with more up-to-date and more upgraded structures and advancements, which permit you to see road sellers along the corners with customary carts next to smooth bistros that serve top-of-the line drinks. It’s a one of a kind blend of shops, houses, and even workplaces. Exhibition halls and hundred year old pagodas still remain there today.

For something somewhat more laid back, attempt Nha Trang. Palm-lined streets and present day lodgings blend with extravagant manors and sandy shorelines. You can unwind in your room, on a gallery, or on the shoreline itself. On the other hand you can visit the Oceanographic Institute and its astounding aquarium and after that go visit the Lang Son Pagoda.

The Mekong Delta is a humming center point of movement where a large portion of Vietnam’s rural yield originates from. This is genuine Vietnamese society where individuals live on a portion of the little islands and produce coconut sweet and nectar. Can Tho is the greatest city in the delta and is famous for it’s drifting business sector.


Hanoi has been the capital for over a thousand years and bears the marks even today. It has weathered wars, intrusions, and then some, yet it hasn’t surrendered. Hanoi is overflowing with life, from youngsters on bikes to families going down the streets. You’ll locate a one of a kind blend of French and Chinese here.


Regardless of what you choose, make time to visit more than one spot during your visit since Vietnam has such a great amount to offer.

Enid Glasgow is a travel essayist who as of late went to Vietnam.

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